We catch your fish, one at a time, with lots of love and care. Then, it's individually vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen to lock in that fresh-from-the-ocean taste.

Every month, you get a box of wild-caught seafood hand-delivered right to your door by one of our friendly Sitka Salmon Stewards.

Cook the fish exactly the way you want it and feed your family with the best fish you’ll ever have! 

Because you care where your food comes from, because you want the workers who produce your food to be treated fairly, and because you want the environment where your food is produced to be pristine and remain pristine. Oh, and because you want the world’s most delicious fish delivered conveniently to your doorstep!

Nope! We pack your fish so that it remains frozen on your doorstep for AT LEAST 12 hours, even in the summer! We are also happy to deliver to an alternate address nearby, hold your delivery until you’re ready, or find a creative solution that fits your needs.

Yes, no problem! You can cancel your enrollment at any time, and we'll refund in full the remainder of your deliveries. Our We’re Really Fishing Promise Ensures you’ll always be happy. 

This share delivers the highest-value species of our sustainable harvest, home-delivered to your doorstep through our Community Supported Fishery. We promise you’ll love the experience.

* Shares must be ordered by the 15th of the month prior and can be canceled at any time.

We’re a group of line fisherman who practice ethical and sustainable fishing methods.

Our fish is line-caught seasonally through the months of June to December. You can take part by buying a share which is a portion of the catch delivered to you monthly.

This season’s share offers the most prized seafood harvested in Alaska’s waters: